Reception Class Emergency Lesson Plans for Numeracy

These emergency lesson plans for Reception Class numeracy are only to be used by supply teachers who are faced with no planning or easily accessible resources.

FS2 / KS1 Emergency Lesson Plans for supply teachersNumbers

Practice counting to 20.
Give students a number and ask them what is 2 more/less than it.
Halving – using objects give students an even number of the items and ask them to share
them out between two.
Investigate which numbers can be halved using items to help.
Doubling – use objects to find out what the double of a number is.
Add and subtract objects from the classroom.

Shape and Space
Have selection of items for the group to describe using terms such as bigger than, smaller
than, biggest, smallest.
Identify coins and discuss shape, colour and size of them.
Draw around coins.
Coin rubbing and labelling.
Use a clock to talk about time – hours, yesterday, today, tomorrow.
Students to make their own clocks.
Students to draw a timeline of their daily activities and label with time and activity.
Use three different colour tiles to create patterns.
Look for patterns in the classroom.
Organise objects into weights – heaviest to lightest.