Expressive Arts and Design Activities for Supply Teachers in EYFS

EYFS Supply Teaching Made SimpleThese EAD activities, supply teaching ideas for EYFS, are taken from the book EYFS Supply Teaching Made Simple.


Design and make a card for a particular purpose, e.g. a get well card for a character in a story. (Links to C&L, L, PD, UW, PSED)
Sing nursery rhymes and use musical instruments to add interest. (Links to C&L, L)
Play “Conductor”. One child raises their hand, and the other children in a small group play their instruments loudly. When the child drops their hand they play quietly. (Links to PSED, UW)
Chalk pictures of characters relating to a story / nursery rhymes in the outdoor area (Links to C&L, L, PD)
Create simple paper puppets relating to different characters from a story. (Links to C&L, L)
Ring games (Links to PSED, L)