Since 2005 I have strived to make this guide to supply teaching the most comprehensive source of information for supply teachers that the web has to offer. Most of the content is written from a KS2 supply teacher's point of view, mine, but I am trying to address the imbalance!

Sharon Wood

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NuttySupplier aka Sharon Wood

I taught full-time in KS2 for a number of years in the south of England before relocating back to the north. After taking my own class, implementing initiative after initiative, moving classrooms and year groups 85% of academic years, and running an average 6 clubs a week, I’d had enough! I took a few years out of teaching completely, explaining to friends and family that at the tender age of £$%*, I’d retired.

I had done a little supply in the south, as part of a return to work programme after a period of illness. However, this was undertaken in schools known to me, where the children still saw me as a teacher at their school. It was nothing like the world I was thrown into when I (rather reluctantly I have to say) agreed to help out a local school for a few days during a particularly bad viral attack on their teaching staff after a couple of years back north.

Despite my initial reluctance at stepping back into a classroom, I ended a freelancing job in favour of doing more supply teaching, and terminated contracts with various clients along with my self-employment status in favour of doing even more.  I chose to continue with supply work full-time when I bought a house that needed a lot of work doing on it.  For many years, I juggled contract with schools in the area, all temporary, all part-time, just how I like them!

I am currently mummy to a 9 year old and I work on this website when he is at school. I haven't been in a classroom on supply since my maternity leave started, except as a parent. was borne out of the former forum within this site. Sharon Wood aka NuttySupplier set up the Supply Teacher Forum on 19th November 2005 which enjoyed many thousands of visits daily. is an attempt to formalise and catagorise the vast amount of information contained within the forum, and present it in a way which makes it more easily accessible to the new visitor. I no longer run or engage with forums due to illness and a need to limit my screen time! If you do have a question that isn't answered on this site, please feel free to email me and I will try my best to help.

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