So, you want to be a supply teacher?

I mean, you actually want to be a supply teacher?

It’s not an obvious choice. It’s not up there with train driver and air hostess is it?

Why not? Because we all remember with a wry smile, what happened when the supply teacher walked through the door when we were 13 years old. The knowing sniggers. The plumping up of Alpha-Boy’s chest. The sharp exhalation of disappointment from the students who were there to learn, knowing that disruption after disruption would soon lead to tears. From the supply teacher’s eyes.

Remember that? And that’s why we didn’t sit in front of the Careers Advisor at secondary school and say with that little sparkle in our eyes that we wanted to be a supply teacher. [My careers interview: What subjects do you enjoy? Languages. Ok, here’s a leaflet on being a translator.] [Yes, that’s it!]

Supply Teaching - A career path worth considering?But it suits some. It suited me from the off. I enjoy meeting new staff and kids, seeing different classrooms, the work / life balance (there is one!), pinching discovering new ideas and sharing old ones. I do not miss planning, display boards, assessments, staff meetings, parents’ evenings or production rehearsals!

It’s not an obvious career path. But it could be a great one for you too. It’s an option worth more than a moment’s thought, is it not?

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Sharon Wood, aka NuttySupplier, launched the forum at in 2005 whilst on supply. Having worked as a primary teacher for too many years, I chose supply teaching as a career, in order to achieve a good work / life balance.