Understanding the World Activities for Supply Teachers in EYFS

EYFS Supply Teaching Made SimpleThese Understanding the World activities, supply teaching ideas for EYFS, are taken from the book EYFS Supply Teaching Made Simple.


In small groups or in a key worker session, take it in turns to programme the Bee-bots and send them to different locations on a car mat or similar. (Links to C&L, PSED, M)

Look closely at plants / flowers / halves of fruit / vegetables / shells. Discuss what the children can see, and complete observed drawings (Links to PD, EAD)

Discuss questions that we could ask a particular person (e.g. firefighter) or about a particular place. Older children to record. (Links to C&L, L)

Devise a treasure hunt for objects related to the current topic, and encourage the children to search the outdoor area. (Links to M, C&L, PD)

Use a non-fiction topic book as a basis for discussion and relate to the children’s own experiences. (Links to C&L)

Investigate nursery rhymes using water / sand / blocks etc. How did Incy Wincy get down the spout? How did Jack fall down the hill? Why did Humpty’s wall fall down? Can we improve them / help them? (Links to C&L, L, PSED, EAD)

Investigate the properties of objects or foods using senses (Look in the kitchen – you may be surprised what is in there!). Cover over several foods in small bowls and ask the children to smell them, or put an object in a feely bag and ask the children to identify by touch, encouraging them to use different words to describe what they feel or smell. (Links to C&L, PSED)