Top tips for leaving a dog at home while you work

Having to leave your dog at home alone at short notice is a fact of life when you’re a supply teacher. Give a dog-loving neighbour a key, and have their number stored on your mobile so you can give them a quick ring while you’re sat on the bus on the way to school… That’s my first tip of many:

Tips for leaving your dog at home while you work

  • Ensure, as always, that your dog has access to fresh water
  • Climate control – can you vent a couple of rooms?
  • If it’s not an early morning call that you get, walk your pooch before you leave
  • If you’re expecting to get early morning calls, make the main walk of the day in the evening, and go for a quick walk in the morning before your supply teacher agency opens for business.
  • Walk your furbaby as soon as you get back
  • Another walk before bed time
  • Ask around for a local dog walker to take them out at lunchtime
  • Ask a friend to pop in once a day to give your dog some love
  • Ask an unlikely source – a local publican! I used to drive my pup to a pub in the next town to enjoy some lovely walks with the manager who started work as I finished – perfect! My pup did get a little tubby though, despite the long walks, as she would rest in the beer garden and flash those lovely big brown eyes at all the customers, getting pork scratchings and crisps in return!
  • Don’t feel guilty. The next time you have to spend a day in the house, just watch your dog – they will sleep for a good proportion of the time.
  • Leaving the door to your bedroom open will send your dog into seventh heaven. They’ll be there to love you unequivocally upon your return, but boy, while you’re gone, they’ll be having the best curl up on your duvet they’ve ever had!
Have you left your pet while you went to work? Please share your top tips for leaving pampered pooches alone for the day below!