A Helping Hand with CPD – Education Support Partnership

A new charitable fund has been launched to help teachers expand their knowledge and access crucial CPD.

The recent publication of the Education Select Committee’s inquiry into teacher recruitment and retention made several recommendations, many of which have been welcomed by the sector. 

Its call for teachers to have access to high-quality development throughout their careers has been particularly welcomed.

However, at the same time, school funding is dominating the headlines and, worryingly, a report from the Teacher Development Trust in February found that 600 schools have had to “wipe out” their budget for professional development for teachers.

This is hugely concerning. It is so important for teaching professionals to have access to CPD opportunities, particularly with the changing policies and continuous development of pedagogic research. 

The education sector should not be exempt from having to invest in staff. Teaching staff, arguably above all other professions given their essential role in imparting knowledge and shaping the talents and skills of the next generation, need to be stimulated, encouraged to stay ahead of the curve and, above all, valued. 

Teachers and school leaders want to develop themselves and we need to lobby and campaign for schools to be given the necessary resources and funding to invest in staff if we are to ensure the highest quality of education and motivation for all.

Furthermore, a recent report from the Education Policy Institute found that teachers in England spend less time doing CPD than their peers in many other high-performing countries. A teacher in England has an average of four days of CPD per year, whereas in Singapore it is 12 days.

Since our creation in 1877, we have provided crisis financial grants to those in need of such support across the education workforce. In our follow-up surveys, a quarter of the beneficiaries of these grants consistently tell us that support with training and CPD would help them stay in the education profession.

In response to this feedback and the increasing evidence of access to CPD being essential in recruiting and retaining teachers, the Education Support Partnership is delighted to have launched a Training and Development Fund in partnership with CSIS, the Civil Servant Insurance Society Charity Fund.

The purpose of this fund is to expand knowledge and skill-sets of the teaching profession. The fund will assist staff working in education with the cost of education-related training and help many to re-enter the education sector after time out with caring responsibilities perhaps, or to help develop new skills to move within their role and allied professions.

Jody was “born a teacher” and took a break from the profession to have children. As her eldest daughter has now started school, she feels there is no better time to go back to the profession she loves. However, the curriculum has changed and naturally, the idea of returning to teaching has been quite a daunting one. 

We supported Jody with a grant towards the cost of a course in effective A level exam preparation. Jody said:

“I didn’t want to just be the person that performs well at the interview and provides all the right answers. I needed to know for me, that if I was offered the job, I was the right person to do it – that my confidence and teaching skills are at their best, so my students can achieve their potential.”

We have also supported research into supporting autistic children in the classroom, securing Qualified Teacher Learning Status (QTLS), and re-training as a copywriter after ill health. 

We are delighted to be able to support those in education to retrain, develop their skills and become more confident in their chosen profession. It comes at a time when the sector has a real gap in funding and although our fund cannot provide all the opportunities needed for the sector, we hope it will go a small way to making a difference to a significant number of individuals.

For more information about the Education Support Partnership’s Training and Development Fund, visit http://www.educationsupportpartnership.org.uk/helping-you/training-development-fund

Engage Education – creators of iday

Advertisement Recruitment offices in London, East Midlands, East Anglia, Leeds, Ireland, Canada and Australia

About Engage Education

Engage Education are market leaders in recruiting quality teachers and support staff for schools throughout the United Kingdom. Current holders of the Education Investor’s ‘Recruitment Service of the Year Award’ Engage is focused on finding the right school for every teacher we work with.

With offices throughout the UK – London, East Midlands, East Anglia and Leeds – as well as international offices in Ireland, Canada and Australia; Engage Education are specialists in supporting international teachers and school staff with their job search. Our services also ensure that every individual receives the highest levels of support, advice and assistance with every step in the process of relocating to the UK.

Secured Guaranteed Pay

For those teachers not looking to take on a full-time role, Engage offer Secure Guaranteed Pay (SGP) contracts, which allow candidates to work a guaranteed 4 out of 5 days a week as a supply teacher. Meaning that you will secure yourself a fixed income for at least 4 out of 5 days a week, even if there’s no supply work available!

By working through our SGP scheme, many of our supply teachers go on to secure a long term or permanent role in the future. SGP often acts as a great way for teachers to really get to know the school they are working with and build a relationship from which a long-term contract will be offered.


Upon receipt of a fully updated CV and written references, our specialist consultants will contact you to arrange a preliminary interview. This registration gives us the opportunity to get to know you, your career history, qualifications and experiences. It also allows us to explore what type of job/position that you are interested in, where you would prefer to be located and what type of school best suits your skill set and personality.

Once this is complete, we will begin the process of finding opportunities for you with our schools throughout the UK. This can result in telephone/skype interviews almost immediately or the prospect of arranging an interview for you to visit a school face-to-face.


Through our dedicated candidate care team, we offer continuous support to all of our teachers through a range of Continued Professional Development (CPD) opportunities and social events. CPD is an essential part of your teaching career, helping you develop your skills and progress in your career. Our insightful CPD workshops, webinars and seminars will help you keep up to date with changes in education teaching practice.


Engage Education’s signature event ‘iday’ may also be of interest to you? idays are held throughout the year (mainly in central London) where you can interview with multiple schools on one day in one place.

Please click the following video link to learn more about iday:

iday - Created by Engage Education

This event is FREE for selected candidates to attend, with Engage covering the costs of any flights, accommodation and travel throughout the time that you are at the event (up to 5 days).

With iday, candidates are guaranteed the opportunity to visit 2 schools that they have met at iday, with a view to securing the right position for them. All positions are for at least 1 full year, with possibility for permanency and progression. To date, over 2,000 teachers have been introduced to schools through our iday events since it’s inception in 2006.

For more information visit www.engageeducation.co.uk or contact your local branch:

–          London:               0333 800 7800

–          Leeds:                 0113 323 7630

–          East Midlands:    01733 873 030

–          East Anglia:         01603 518 400

Headline – supplying staff for education

Headline - supplying staff for education

For over 20 years, Headline has been successfully providing skilled and trained staff to various types of education settings. We work on temporary, long term and permanent placements. Headline runs its own PAYE for temporary staff, we do not currently work with umbrella companies.

Based in Cambridge, Chelmsford, St Albans and Woking we cover a wide geographic area, across London and the South East / East Anglia. We have supply teaching, teaching assistant and nursery work in all of these areas and many of the surrounding villages and towns.

Our aim is to provide a first ‘class’ (see what we did there ;-)) service to both candidates and clients… Made possible by our own personal backgrounds in Education. We understand first hand both the demands of working in education and also the stress involved with being understaffed within a setting. Combining our knowledge with a genuine desire to look after the people we work with, we take pride in being able to say that we are fast becoming the agency of choice for both settings and personnel. With our backgrounds in Education, we are well placed to help NQTs and overseas trained Teachers to start out on their teaching journey in the UK.

However at Headline, we don’t just offer ‘work placements’ for Supply Teachers, nursery and support staff. We have a sister company Red Apple Training offering CPD and accredited courses such as First Aid and Safeguarding, to our candidates. We also provide our team (you belong to our team as we understand that supply teaching can be a lonely profession) with social meet ups. So that you can come along and meet other people working in the education field, swap stories, hints and tips. In the near past these have been in the form of anything from a summer BBQ fun evening for our staff and their families and Easter themed afternoon tea, to home-baked goodies to show our appreciation.

On our website we have the basics – simple information on how we can help you to find temporary work or a new permanent position. But please don’t take our word for it that we can do this! Take a look at what our schools, nurseries and supply staff say about us on our testimonials web-page also.

For example, Jill Wright, Supply Teacher KS1 and 2 has this to say –

“The team at Headline welcomed me with coffee, listened to my reasons for starting to do supply work, then suggested I began slowly with an afternoon to get the feel of things. They provided me with a help sheet of ideas to try, ways to behave in a new school and essentials to have in my bag for a supply day. Everything from stationery to quizzes and just in case activities. They sympathised when I was ill and sent home from school, although it created extra work for them. More importantly each email is cheerful and personal, you are more than a number.  A very pleasant team of professionals at Headline. “

What we would like most though, is for you to give us a good old-fashioned call! You can discuss anything, with no obligation…..we will be honest with how we can help! The team at your local branch would love to hear from you.

T: 01223 654 461
M: 07825 412 931
E: cambridge@headlineuk.com
W: www.headlineuk.com

Milton Hall
Ely Road,
CB24 6WZ

Dagnall House,
2 Lower Dagnall Street,
St Albans,

Britannia Wharf,
Monument Road,
Woking, Surrey
GU21 5LW

Office 56,
Waterhouse Business Centre,

CPD Idea, Opportunities and Log for Supply Teachers


CPD for Supply Teachers - log and ideasCPD must be 3 things: continuous, professional, and it must develop you and your skills!

This download outlines the types of CPD you should be doing, many of which you probably are without even realising it! It also includes a handy log for you to record your CPD efforts: http://www.supplybag.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/CPD-Log.pdf

Do you use this CPD log?  Do you find it useful?  Let me know in the comments below! (Issues mentioned there are now resolved!)

A few Mondays a year, in the Supply Teacher Network, we hold an informal CPD session.  Why not join us?  We take suggestions for CPD from the floor… e.g. the first session, on interactive whiteboards, came about through a discussion between supply teacher members, how one knew everything about SMART boards, but had never used a Promethean board, and another supply teacher had the opposite experience.  We decided then that we probably knew enough between us all (over 1,100 members at the time) to hold our own CPD session on it, learning from each other!

Don't forget to bring your CPD log along with you when you join us on those Monday evenings, be ready to take notes either using pen and pencil, or by copying and pasting the relevant threads!  From time to time we welcome visitors to our CPD sessions who can give us more information on our chosen subjects.  If you are interested in taking part as a visitor in our CPD session, please contact me.

First Class Supply


First Class Supply - Supply Teacher Recruitment Agency in Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Gateshead, Northumberland, Durham, Hartlepool

Here at First Class Supply you can be assured that we take your career as seriously as you do!  We are an open and friendly team of professionals who pride ourselves on the exceptional level of service we offer to all our teachers, assistants and schools and our incredible, proven, track record of actively finding our supply teachers and assistants permanent posts – without charging a fee to schools!  We really do enjoy getting to know you personally and fully understanding your needs.

Here’s some more information about who we are:

  • First Class Supply is the largest, independent supply teaching agency in the North East – and we are local with an excellent understanding of schools throughout North Tyneside, Northumberland, Newcastle, Gateshead, South Tyneside, Sunderland, Durham and Teesside.
  • We have been established since 2004
  • Our team has over 70 years combined successful experience of educational supply provision
  • We have 5 dedicated specialists working with Primary, Secondary and SEN Teachers and Assistants
  • Each week we supply hundreds of teachers to hundreds of schools
  • Each month an average of 15 new schools approach First Class Supply to work with us
  • Our schools include nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools and academies, special needs schools, private nurseries and PRUs.

Here’s some more information about what we do:

  • We build and maintain excellent relationships with our teachers and schools which enables us to find the right placements for you
  • We offer assignments ranging from an hour to a whole academic year – we work to suit you
  • We have continuous vacancies available for primary, secondary and SEN teachers – both experienced and NQTs
  • We have continuous vacancies available for teaching assistants, Learning Support Assistants, HLTA’s and Nursery Nurses
  • All of our interviews are carried out by two ex-Head teachers who have previously been responsible for booking supply in their own school – so you receive expert careers advice from true educational professionals as soon as you join us
  • We offer continuous support during your career with us, and are only ever a phone call away – or you are welcome to come and visit us in our office at any time – the kettle is always on – think of our office as your staff room
  • We hold regular, free, training events throughout the academic year – conducted by highly regarded educational professionals
  • We are extremely thorough with all our vetting checks which includes applying for a DBS Certificate (formerly CRB) for you
  • We offer excellent rates of pay
  • We do not charge our schools introduction fees for taking you on a permanent contract – this hugely increases your chance of obtaining a permanent position

We don’t just say we do the above, we really do!  You will receive an exceptional level of service right from your initial enquiry and this will continue throughout your career with us.  You will also receive a bespoke Teacher Pack, full of helpful advice, resources and a host of practical tools to make your supply experience as enjoyable as possible.

Give us a call or email now to start your registration process!

Telephone:       0191 251 5566
Email:              enquiries@firstclasssupply.co.uk
Web:               www.firstclasssupply.co.uk

Step Teachers


Step Teachers Supply Teaching Agency with offices in London, East Anglia, and the South West

Step Teachers has been finding supply teachers work since 2000.  In that time, we’ve helped 1000s of supply teachers find their ideal teaching job in North London, South London, Norwich, Ipswich, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Exeter, Plymouth, Cornwall and many more places besides.

Boasting a proven track record in resourcing outstanding teachers for a range of permanent and temporary roles, Step Teachers has built its reputation on working tirelessly to place teaching and support staff in every area of the education sector. We pride ourselves in being an established and leading name in the recruitment of quality supply teachers.

From the moment you contact Step Teachers, our dedicated team will be working to secure your perfect teaching job. Whether you enjoy the variety of day-to-day supply work, a fixed term maternity post, or are seeking the perfect career move, Step Teachers are here to find your perfect placement.

At Step Teachers, we recognise that people are at the heart of everything we do. We offer a firm commitment to giving focussed and relevant support, career advice, interview coaching, and guidance on how best to present your CV. We use this expertise in particular to support NQTs as they make their way through the minefield of finding a placement for induction.

The central ethos of Step Teachers is one of honesty, integrity and trust. We are honest with our teachers about their abilities and their aspirations, ensuring each one has a clear understanding of just how far their career can go. We display absolute integrity in our negotiations, prioritising the interests of our teachers and partner schools, not profits. We trust our teachers to exercise their duties professionally and to the best of their abilities at all times, and you can expect exactly the same in return!

Our passion for providing excellent client services drives our desire to constantly evaluate and improve our skills. Each and every one of our teachers and support staff are trained to the highest standard, highlighting the value that we invest in each individual. Our consultants receive specialised training in the legal and practical requirements of education, and each teacher works with a dedicated consultant, ensuring that you always have a single point of contact.

Why not make the best move for your career? Get in touch and discover the many ways Step Teachers can accelerate your route to work by simply dropping us a line on:

North London Branch           020 8920 2032

South London Branch          020 7801 6338

East Anglia Branch              01603 877 070

South West Branch             01752 764 227

You can also check out our website at www.stepteachers.co.uk, where it is easy to search our vacancies and upload your CV.  Alternatively, why not join the online Step Family by following us on Facebook and Twitter?

To be the best, Step Teachers has to recruit the best & most capable teaching staff, and working together we can all achieve our goals.

Step Teachers – always one step ahead

Step Teachers Supply Teaching Agency with offices in London, East Anglia, and the South West