Supply Teaching Worries? Try this book!

The new, extended edition of my Emergency Lesson Plans book will not make you a better supply teacher. It will not make the children you meet on supply treat you with more respect than they would have done otherwise. However, it will give you a certain amount of confidence on walking into the classroom, which should lead to the above happening!

Emergency Lesson Plans for supply teachers, extended bookThis book contains one-off lesson plans to see you through the whole of Key Stage 2. Apart from MFL (far too daunting a task!) These one-liner lesson plans require no resources other than pencils and paper. No need to photocopy the worksheets, no need to use a whiteboard, no need for the children to each have a junior hacksaw and a watercolour palette!

Faced with no planning (it shouldn't happen, but it does), you will be able to deliver a day of stimulating lessons using just this book and your own professionalism. Please do not use the lesson plans in this book if there has been work left for you. They are emergency lesson plans only. Every effort should be made to cover the learning objectives that the children have for that day.

All 289 lesson plans contained on this website are in the book (listed at the foot of this page) but in this extended edition you will find more than 50 extra lesson plans to cover RE, PE, ICT, Music, PSHE & Citizenship, and Art & Design. These extra lessons are not available on the internet.

£3.50 – Upon payment, please click on 'Return to Merchant', which will redirect you to the PDF to save to your device.

A shorter version of the book is available here.

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Sharon Wood, aka NuttySupplier, launched the forum at in 2005 whilst on supply. Having worked as a primary teacher for too many years, I chose supply teaching as a career, in order to achieve a good work / life balance.

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