Supply Teaching Agencies, Recruitment Apps etc. – Sources of income for supply teachers

Organisations and companies seek to offer income opportunities to supply teachers. These may include traditional supply teaching agencies, online recruitment booking platforms and apps, franchise opportunities and tutoring firms.

For many supply teachers, agencies are a fact of life. Can't live with them, can't live without them! Some recruiters may have exclusivity deals with both supply teachers and schools, meaning work / staff can't be sourced elsewhere. It is vitally important to choose the right one for you. Ask questions, shop around: joining two or more supply teaching agencies isn't uncommon. Ask the schools in your area which is their preferred agency / app, if they are willing to share that information. Recruiters come in as many different shapes and sizes as supply teachers do! It is important to understand that as you are representing their company in the schools they send you to, they are also representing you to the schools who may have work for you. Let your consultant know how brilliant you are: all your hidden and not-so hidden talents!

For more information on how to choose a recruiter and what to expect from your consultant, take a look at our Getting Started and Further Information sections.

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