Supply Teacher Agencies is the font of all knowledge for supply teachers. Resources, ideas, support, and here: a whole section dedicated to working with supply teacher agencies.
Supply Teacher Agencies, first choice for many new to supply teaching

In this section:

Introduction to Supply Teaching Recruitment Agencies – We look at what their role is, a few of the positives, and the negatives.

Working with Agencies – Choosing a supply teaching agency and building a good quality working relationship with them. Remember: they work for you as much as you work for them!

Call back times – Do they really call you the night before? Half an hour before? Should I call my agency? How often should you call your agency? 

Feedback – Schools are in continual discussion with some agencies about their supply teachers, make sure you know how you're doing and ask for feedback.

Support – What can and should your agency offer supply teachers in terms of professional support? Who else offers support to supply teachers?

Supply Teacher Agency Database – A growing list of supply teaching agencies and apps (online booking platforms) operating in your area.


Are you looking for information on supply teacher agencies?

Did you need more information? What have I missed out that you would like to see? There are other related sections, but if there is something missing from this section on supply teacher agencies, please let me know!

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