Key Stage One Emergency Lesson Plans for Science

These emergency lesson plans for Year 1 and Year 2 science are only to be used by supply teachers who are faced with no planning or easily accessible resources.

FS2 / KS1 Emergency Lesson Plans for supply teachersHow many jumps can their partner do in one minute? Estimate, time and complete,
recording their work on a table.
Floating and sinking: selection of items available – what will float? What will sink? Why do you think that? Complete activity and record results and why they are different/right.
Plan and carry out investigation into shoe size/hand span, recording results on a graph.
Discuss what is alive and what is dead. Students draw items to show each and label with
key words/sentences to explain why dead/alive.
Draw the life cycle of a butterfly, labelling key parts.
In groups draw round one member of the group and then all label/draw body parts they
know on it.
Discuss being healthy and get students to prepare a television commercial explaining some exercises/healthy food to be healthy.
How can we stay clean? Students to draw a poster to remind others to wash hands after
going to the toilet, before eating, after playing outside, brush teeth twice a day etc.
Create a leaflet explaining how to look after a seed to make sure it grows into a healthy
Take students on a nature walk around the playground – what can they see? What can they hear? What can they smell? Students to identify what plants and animals are in their school environment.
Classifying items – give each group a selection of different items and get them to classify them and then explain to the rest of the class what they have done and why.
Investigate how things change when they get hot or cold and why they think it may
Give students a selection of items and ask them to investigate and describe how they
Identify different sources of light in the classroom.
Investigate different sounds they can hear in the classroom/playground. What can they
hear? What do they need to do to hear? Why are some sounds louder than others?