NQT thinking about doing supply work?

Unfortunately, in today's climate (mini-rant: Government efforts to increase the supply of teachers to improve choice / quality, coupled with falling birth rate) many NQTs are finding themselves without that first, longed-for contract.

Supply teaching - invaluable experience for an NQT?

If you're unsure about becoming a supply teacher, you'll probably want to read the whole of this website!

Simple arguments for and against being a supply teacher are:
(Please note, these are quick notes, they are explored in further detail throughout this site and the supply teacher support forum)

  • Potentially introduces you to all the schools in your area. You discover the schools you'd love to work in. You also uncover the schools that you'd rather not visit again.
  • Potentially exposes you to all the schools in your area! You will no doubt leave an impression on the staff, make sure it's the right impression.
  • Income. Nuff said!
  • Experience. You've had a somewhat chaperoned experience of teaching so far, on your placements. Now the fun starts!

Are you an NQT considering supply teaching? Tough decision or no-brainer?