NQT thinking about doing supply work?

Unfortunately, in today's climate (mini-rant: Government efforts to increase the supply of teachers to improve choice / quality, coupled with falling birth rate) many NQTs are finding themselves without that first, longed-for contract.

Supply teaching - invaluable experience for an NQT?

If you're unsure about becoming a supply teacher, you'll probably want to read the whole of this website!

Simple arguments for and against being a supply teacher are:
(Please note, these are quick notes, they are explored in further detail throughout this site and the supply teacher support forum)

  • Potentially introduces you to all the schools in your area. You discover the schools you'd love to work in. You also uncover the schools that you'd rather not visit again.
  • Potentially exposes you to all the schools in your area! You will no doubt leave an impression on the staff, make sure it's the right impression.
  • Income. Nuff said!
  • Experience. You've had a somewhat chaperoned experience of teaching so far, on your placements. Now the fun starts!

Are you an NQT considering supply teaching? Tough decision or no-brainer?

How does an NQT become a supply teacher?

Congratulations on becoming a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT)!

You probably found this website as you didn’t cement a job contract as an NQT for September. It doesn’t mean that  you cannot work. You can work as a supply teacher. Supply teaching is an experience that I believe every teacher should experience at some point, educational conscription you might say.

Can an NQT be a supply teacher?

There is the worry about losing your NQT status if you do not complete your NQT year within a certain time scale.

I’m not going to write about the 4-term rule, or the 5-year rule, or whatever the Government have come up with recently here, as they change their minds more often than I can practically revise this website.

You’ll have to look at current regulation based on how long you can work for, and take an educated guess as to whether or not to start supply work.

If you do decide to take the plunge, first grab a cup of coffee, then take a seat and start reading. You might want to take a look at Getting Started As A Supply Teacher first, and then why not pop by the supply teacher support forum and say hello?

Are there too many barriers to NQTs becoming supply teachers? Does the idea of supply teaching scare you or can’t you wait to dive in?