Year 2 Emergency Lesson Plans for Literacy

These emergency lesson plans for Year 2 Literacy are only to be used by supply teachers who are faced with no planning or easily accessible resources.

FS2 / KS1 Emergency Lesson Plans for supply teachersAutumn Term

Word Level Work
In table groups identify as many different homophones as possible.
Pick 1-3 homophone pairs and write a sentence to show the difference in meaning.
Identify from classroom labels, books and own knowledge words with (short) oo, ar, oy,
In pairs write words with and then without the s, ed, ing endings.

Sentence and Text Level Work
Joining words…. As a class identify the joining words after, meanwhile, during, before,
then, next, after a while in pairs write a selection of sentences to show these words being
Write a selection of simple/short sentences down and in pairs students to join them
together with the joining words.
Using the joining words write a short story/account relating to a certain topic.
Draw a map of the school and label it using arrows, lines, boxes and keys.
Draw a storyboard to illustrate carrying out a simple task using organisational devices to
label it.
In pairs retell a story in the correct order.
Discuss a story and relate to events in their own lives.
In pairs write a poem about school/topics they are studying this term.

Spring Term

Word Level Work
In pairs clap out the syllables in their reading books
Write down words and draw vertical lines through the word to show the syllables
In pairs get each other to give a word to their partner to identify amount of syllables
Give each table group a word and investigate what words they could add to it to make
more words eg man – milkman, postman (man, pan, him, tea, hand)
Wh, oh, ch investigation. Using dictionaries how many words can they find containing
these diagraphs?

Sentence Level Work
Write a list based on the topic they a studying/things they would take on holiday/shopping
Write 3-4 sentences about themselves using capitals, full stops.
In pairs read aloud a page from a book using different expressions.
Write some information about their school using speech marks, labels, bold, headings, and
sub-headings to put in class book.

Text Level Work
Dictionary Race – give each table a whiteboard, pen and dictionaries. Say a word and
groups to find it and write either the page number it is on or the definition depending on
their ability and hold it up once done.
In pairs use a non-fiction book to write some questions asking what page they would find
certain information on. Swap questions with another pair, and then answer the questions
using the index.
Write a poem based on the topic they are studying.
Using a setting from a traditional tale write a story about themselves.
Write/design a wanted poster for the Big Bad Wolf/Goldilocks/Wolf from Three Little
Pigs/any 'bad' character from a book.
Pick a character from a story and draw a portrait of them. Around the portrait write words
or phrases to describe them.

Summer Term

Word Level Work
Syllable work as term two.
Recap on spellings in previous five terms (above).
Hangman with the spellings.
Identify as many words as possible with the endings ful and ly using signs, books, own

Sentence Level Work
Write questions about a topic using When, Where, What, How, Who.
Brainstorm different types of questions they could ask e.g. time? Day?
Search through selection of books to find questions.
Write sentences using the correct verb e.g. catch/caught, go/went, see/saw based on a

Text Level Work
Read and compare a selection of books by the same author – e.g. Anthony Browne. What is
the same? What is different? Complete a table/list to show the difference.
Write about an author – their name, alive or dead? Publisher? Identifying where they found
this information.
Read and compare two similar books from two different authors and identify the
differences to feed back to the class.
Write a nonsense poem with rhyming words.
Write tongue twisters – own or from books – to make a class poetry book.
Give a verbal book review on a book they have read.
Write a book review for a class book.
Describe a character/scene/setting from a story they would write.
In pairs start planning a long story on a particular theme (e.g. relate to topic being