Year 1 Emergency Lesson Plans for Literacy

These emergency lesson plans for Year 1 Literacy are only to be used by supply teachers who are faced with no planning or easily accessible resources.

FS2 / KS1 Emergency Lesson Plans for supply teachersAutumn Term

Word Level Work
CVC bingo, write a selection of CVC words on the whiteboard and in pairs children to pick
4/6 words. Play bingo calling words from the board. Extension – ask child to call the
Rhyming CVC words – put a CVC word on the whiteboard and students in pairs/table groups
to write down as many rhyming words as they can. Extension – time the activity.
"I'm thinking of a word beginning with C that rhymes with mat" students to guess and then
spell the word you are thinking of. Then let students take turns to think of a word. Move
to doing it in pairs.
Identify different signs in the classroom and their uses then design their own sign for the
Identify as many different items in the room beginning with…

Sentence Level Work
Students to pick 1-3 CVC words depending on ability, and write a sentence using them.
Students to write a sentence without capital letter or full stop. And partner needs to
correct it/find what's missing.
Identify sentences and nonsense sentences. In pairs write one of each, swap with another
pair and they need to work out which is which.

Text Level Work
In groups of 3/4 create a freeze frame from their favourite book for rest of class to guess.
Write words to describe a character from a book (pick the book from the classroom/a
well-known book)
Act out their favourite nursery rhyme/fairy tale.
Create a story board for a story you have read to them.
Write directions to get to the hall.
Draw a map for you of the school and label.

Spring Term

Word Level Work
Sound Detectives
– using their reading books and books in classroom students to find words ending with
ff, ll, ss, ck, ng, nd, lp,st
– using their reading books and books in classroom students to find words beginning
with bl, cr, tr, str
– using their reading books and books in classroom students to find words within words

Sentence Level Work
Design a poster to explain what a sentence/capital letter/full stop is.
Read a sentence to a partner with different emotions (happy, sad, excited, and bored) and
partner to guess what emotion.

Text Level Work
Describe their favourite character from a fairy tale in pairs for their partner to guess.
Create a story board for a fairy tale.
In pairs verbally retell a fairy tale.
In groups look at a non-fiction book and mind map it may be about to tell the rest of the
Get the class to explain to you what a non-fiction book is and its features.
In a pair use a non-fiction book to find out 1-3 (depending on ability) interesting facts to
In a group draw round one member and then all label different body parts – extension –
what they do, e.g. eyes for seeing.
Create a story board for the school day and write captions underneath.
Using their reading books try and find words in the dictionary and write what page it's on.

Summer Term

Word Level Work
"Ing" "ed" detectives – in pairs students look around the classroom/in books to find words
with the endings then write a sentence using one of each.
In pairs write as many words as they can think of with the phonemes ee, ai, ei,(long) oo,
oa in.

Sentence Level Work
Write three questions they would like to ask their teacher/head teacher.
Write questions for a character in a book.

Text Level Work
Describe their ideal playground.
Write about their ideal bedroom.
Write about a trip/outing they have been on recently.
Write about a day in the life of a character from a book.
Create a guide about the school for students/staff who are new.
Look at non-fiction books and explain the different features.
In pairs, look at a non-fiction book and discuss what the book could be about just by
looking at the front cover and the blurb.
Write three questions that people could find the answer out by reading the book.