Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle – Gill Jepson

Guy is a gargoyle at Furness Abbey. He enjoys watching the monks go about their business, and at night, when the moon is up, he is able to fly with his many brothers. Then the abbey is destroyed by soldiers. Everything changes and Guy looks on forlornly as his brothers are lost. Some are carted away or broken and others go into hiding. He becomes very sad and grumpy and won’t talk to anyone. This goes on for many years until a little shrew decides to cheer him up…She makes him laugh and then he finds he can fly again and makes new friends. The friends then decide to help him find his brothers. They fly from place to place, meeting different animals along the way. They finally find the remaining gargoyle safe and sound at the Abbey Mill Cafe.

Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle -Gill JepsonGuy the Grumpy Gargoyle is a fantasy picture story about friends and feelings that uses the traditions of storytelling to encourage sharing stories. The beautiful, full-colour illustrations provide a stimulus for discussion and will inspire children to listen and talk about the story. The journey the characters take is descriptive and enables children to join in and predict the text. Sometimes funny and also sad, it will appeal to young readers aged 3-7. Gill is a primary teacher and has read the story in local schools, where it has gained a following. It is her second book and her third is released in November and is the second in the Out of Time series.

Article submitted by Gill Jepson.