First Class Learning – franchise opportunities that make sense for supply teachers


First Class Learning - franchise opportunities for supply teachers

First Class Learning (FCL) is a learning franchise which provides a strong, flexible and dynamic learning system that focuses on the key maths and English learning outcomes within the School Curriculum. More than just private tuition, our maths and English tuition programmes help to form good study habits, increase confidence and develop self-esteem.

With First Class Learning:

  • Every child follows their own unique programme.
  • Children develop essential core maths and English skills.
  • Programmes are suitable for all ages and abilities

We know that with the flexibility of being a supply teacher comes some uncertainty.  We can all live with a little uncertainty but too much can be worrying in a work environment that is already acknowledged to be the most stressful around.

Nearly half (43 percent) of state school teachers plan to quit in the next five years according to The Guardian and almost three quarters of teachers-in-training regularly think about packing it in.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that if you love working with children but want to reduce your day to day stress levels there is another way to work with children and make a difference.

You could be running your own First Class Learning tuition centre and be your own boss. Here are seven reasons why it makes sense:

  • Educational Materials Aligned to National Curriculum – Our franchisees have access to a well-developed programme of materials and resources, all aligned to the national curriculum.
  • Established National Brand – First Class Learning is a national brand. Franchisees don’t have to start from nothing. They can build their business using a well-established template.
  • Proven and profitable business model – With First Class Learning you will access a proven and profitable business model. It is a well-trodden path to success available to everyone.
  • Extensive support network – We’re here to support you with business set-up guidance, marketing help and operational advice.
  • Freedom to teach as you see fit – You’re the boss. Say goodbye to the endless stream of rules, policies and paperwork. The buck stops with you, so do what you think is best.
  • Rebalance Work and Life – Take charge of your life. When you are the boss, you can pick your working hours. Imagine the lifestyle you want and make it happen.
  • Low start-up cost – Becoming a franchisee is a comparatively low-cost way to start your own business.

Supply teaching can be one of the most rewarding jobs imaginable, but there are challenges for all teachers working in schools.

However, with First Class Learning, you can teach in your own classrooms, in the way you want to, and at the times of your choosing.  It’s a great way to complement what you do inside the school system. So, you can reduce your own uncertainty, continue to enjoy the pride of helping children grow and learn and, at the same time, invest in your own future.

Take control of your destiny in 2017 with First Class Learning. 

For more information, please register your interest here or contact us with any queries at: or 0800 458 3797