Emergency Lesson Plans for Geography – Mixed Year Groups

Lesson plans for supply teachersThese emergency lesson plans for Mixed Year Group Geography are only to be used by supply teachers who are faced with no planning or easily accessible resources. Also to be used following the guidance notes here.


Topic Lesson Plan
Geography and numbers How do numbers help us in Geography? Look through atlases if you have any, look up a major city in an encyclopaedia, look at populations, average rainfall charts, heights of mountains, lengths of rivers, etc.
What's in the news? As a continuous unit, you could slot this in as a one-off anytime, helps enormously if you have a current newspaper or access to a TV around the time of a news broadcast, or BBC News online, or a radio (online?) Discuss, and write a summary of discussion:
  What is happening in our local area? How and why is the place changing? How will people in the community respond?
  What will the weather be like today or tomorrow? How does weather vary around the world?
  What is in the local, national or international news today? Where are these places? What is happening there? Why?
  What is in the televised news today? What is happening and why?
Connecting ourselves to the world Another continuous topic (great for supply teachers!), hold discussions, talk about experiences, and write summaries, reports:
  Why do people use faxes? Where do faxes in school come from and go to and why? (I think PDFs are taking over personally, and this needs to be re-written!) Why do people use e-mail? Write a questionnaire to be sent by e-mail to twinned school about their locality, would be sent as an attachment.
  What is the weather like where you are? Look at weather (met-office.gov.uk or bbc.co.uk) elsewhere in the world/UK, and discuss the impact it has on everyday life.
  Where is a place? How will we get there? What will our journey be like? Look at different journeys the children might take that year, possibly through school, compare it to journeys to places they know (swimming pool, local church.)

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