CPD for Supply Teachers – A review by Smile Education


"It is with pleasure I review your CPD Course for Supply Teachers. Having worked with supply teachers for more than 6 years through my business Smile Education, I understand that a lack of CPD and training is often a big frustration in our industry. So I commend you on providing such an excellent and cost effective solution which starts right at the beginning of the teacher’s journey into supply and makes no assumptions about their previous knowledge, personal attributes or skills. Being able to work through at your own pace would be of great value to our staff many of whom lead busy lives with family and other commitments in addition to work.

Right from the introduction I felt that the supply teacher was being supported and empowered to achieve the very best that they can. As I worked through the modules I enjoyed the supportive conversational style and the relevant and practical activities, each of which I could see had real life value and encouraged not just practical action but also important reflection on skills, abilities and potential weaknesses and how these can be practically overcome. I can see that you have provided tools to help combat all the common niggles and complaints we get from schools and supply staff! The modules about being personable and proactive are exceptionally relevant and not obvious if you had always been in a permanent position before.

The format of each module is easy to follow and interactive containing a balance of the authors own thoughts and experiences alongside external research and additional reading. Video links are also included which adds great variety to the material.

I particularly like the modules around behaviour management and it not being a given that students misbehave for supply staff. (I hear this pretty much daily from schools!) I think changing this mind set is hugely powerful as is being absolutely clear on your own expectations and the rules that the children are all familiar with every day.

I liked the chance at the end to reflect over each module, I think this is very important to ensure training is applied practically and not just enjoyed in theory. I personally always give myself 3 actions from each training module I do which I keep in a central book and review on a regular basis.

I would love to see more training available as teachers progress through their supply career and encounter various challenges.

Congratulations on putting together a great resource for supply teachers which I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing!"

Kindly submitted by Katy Rees, Managing Director, Smile Education Ltd

CPD Course for Supply Teachers

The 6 modules are as follows: 
1. Presenting Yourself as a Professional
2. Building Self-Confidence
3. Improvisation Skills
4. Behaviour Management
5. Building Long-Term Professional Relationships
6. Time for Reflection

Each module will take between 3-5 hours to complete.

CPD for Supply Teachers, a self-study course, is priced at £15.00. The course will be delivered as a Word document (.docx), and a self-evaluation certificate for your CPD file will be sent in a separate email.

£15.00 – upon completion of payment, please click on 'Return to Merchant' which will take you to the document for download.
Your Certificate will follow by email within a few days.


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